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Benn Nunn - Pro Footballer to Property Developer

Benn Nunn - Pro Footballer to Property Developer

Hi everyone, hope your all and keeping safe and well. I can’t start without saying a big thank you to Nathan for organising this podcast. It was my first ever live podcast and thoroughly enjoyed it. Who am I, My name is Ben Nunn former Professional footballer near on 400 competitive games. Around 5 years ago I started investing in property and started a men's grooming company. Fast forward 5 years, semi-retired I run three full-time Businesses. FN Property Group A property development company where I buy and develop properties/buildings to either keep or sell on to the open market/investors Benny’s of London A 4 years running Amazon bestseller, Luxury Men’s grooming co. Shaving, Gift sets, Beards, Hair collection. The brand's key driver is to help men look better so they can feel better. Things are tough out there so if having a shave makes you feel better even for a brief moment then I have achieved why Benny’s of London exists. Social @bennysoflondon Premier Property Network My most recent venture, created to help everyone who wants to learn how to invest in property. No, it's not one of these £20k upsells courses that will make you a billionaire in a month. Subscription-based platform with easy to understand video tutorials on how to invest in property. Covering the key points to invest safely and successfully. Social @prempropertynetwork I hope you enjoy the podcast, and again a massive thanks to Nathan for this! He really is a top guy. I hope all you other business owners out there are sticking with it and have been able to adapt through these strange times. Best of luck Ben
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