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The Foundation & Free Courses 

Apply Here For a Range of Free Courses


The foundation is here to help people build and start sustainable businesses whilst following a passion. We don’t believe in chasing the money but finding happiness in what we do 80% of our lives which is work.  The foundation is paid by sponsorship from the Nathan K Ginger Beard Podcast Channel.  The Foundation and Channel have to be Win-Win for everyone. New entrepreneurs get free advice from a relative topic and a leading business owner in that field, a free mentorship program for entrepreneurs and the sponsors get the outreach on all social channels which is promoted by guests of the podcast.



The foundation is a place for entrepreneurs to learn 1-2-1  from some of the best in the industry. Aspiring entrepreneurs can apply for the free 1-day course on which topic they choose. Applicants are chosen at Random and if they are unsuccessful they will automatically be put first into the next seminar if they choose to. 

Courses Coming Available; More details to follow soon  

  • F1 Wax - Car Detailing and Ceramic Coating 

  • Nathan K - Starting a Business & Making it Sustainable 

  • Pro PT - Starting a PT Business and Adding Value 

  • Mr AP - Social Media & Digital Marketing Course

  • How to become a YouTuber 

  • Life Coaching 

  • Forex Trading 

  • Mentorship Program 

Apply Here 




A great opportunity to advertise on one of the fastest-growing YouTube and Podcast Channels. It's a great way to get in front of 10,000 potential new customers. Your logo will feature on the background of the famous Nathan K couch and will be the main visual focus of the video. We will match your brand to a relevant guest and topic. Your brand will also be mentioned at the beginning of the interview and we will deliver a sales line for you.  This will also be heard on all podcast channels and with over 250,000 listens and over 100,000 views since the second quarter of 2019 its a great way to engage with new clients. 


  1. The video will be watched by more than 10,000 viewers in the UK within a 4 month period

  2. We will promote the video through google AdWords which will help your SEO

  3. The canvas will be signed and sent to you for you to keep and display in your own offices or shop

  4. We will send you a detailed report of how many views the video has received and for how long they watched


Advertising options:

  1. 1 Full Interview with personalised canvas and sales line at the beginning of the interview £699 


  1. 2 Full Interviews with personalised canvas and sales line at the beginning of the interview £999 


What's Included:  All interviews will be promoted through Google AdWords. The guest and Nathan K will also post the famous selfie with your canvass in the background. The canvas can be signed by the guest and Nathan K if you wish and will be yours to keep. The selfie with your canvas will also be promoted on Instagram and Facebook. 

  • A typical guest will have at least 10,000 of their own followers 


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