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Over the next few months ill be interviewing and chatting to some of the best in their business and all with a story to tell. If you have a question for any of them please let me know. Click the name to see their profiles or watch the Interview. 

Sam Freedman - Business Owner & Beauty Journalist  2nd October

Giorgi Hind - The Connector 

Gideon Gold - Property Investment Specialist 18th September 

Daniel Daggers - Super Prime Agent - Knight Frank 25th September 


Jen Blessed Yoga - August 

Jennifer Evans - Human Accelerators 

Yousef Bouattoura - PRO. PT & Entrepreneur 

Sophie Grace Holmes - Inspiration

Emily Hayden - Yoga Teacher, Model & Actress

Gerry Laffy - Artist & Rock N Roll Star


Celina Bond - Dating & Relationship Coach 

Claudia Zapata - Entrepreneur

Aaron Peter - Digital Marketing Expert & Entrepreneur  

Amy Cousins - The Bath Blogger 


Dr Sara Kayay - ITV This Morning 


Holly Davidson - Trainer to The Stars and & Actress

Salah Khalifa - Three Time World Champion 


Sam Gubbey - Master Personal Trainer

Florence Seabright - Dancer/ Master Personal Trainer 

Zoe Aston - The Mind Gym


Samuel Leach - FX Trader & Author 

James Burke - Action Coach 

Magic Man London - Magician Coming Soon 

Dynamo -  Coming Soon  @ 1000 Subscribers

Franckie Bear - Health & Beauty Expert 

Danny Bear  MBE - Coming Soon 

Amy Nicole Spohia Coming Soon 

Emma Piggott - Coming Soon 

Hana ( itsalwayshana ) Blogger Coming Soon

Caroline Edis - Coming Soon August

Mathew Lewis- Carter - Trainer and Influencer October 



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